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High School Page


Welcome to our High School Page!  We are thrilled to walk alongside our 9th-12th graders on their homeschool journey!  Come back as we add pictures and updates on our learning together.  Here is an overview of our schedule, content, and requirements for the year.

General Information:

What:  .5 Government Credit, .5 Economics Credit OR World History 1 Credit, 1 English Credit, and .5 Fine Arts Credit  OR .5 Logic credit     (A Study Hall is available for students if they have already completed one of the subjects above.  Contact a director for more information.)

When:  Tuesdays 12:35-4:15

Where:  Warrenton Church of Christ

Who:  Students age 14 by 9/30/18 and older; Drop-off is available, and/or students of driving age may drive themselves

Cost:  $250 tuition, $150 supply fee, and $5 copy fee

Required Texts:

For Government/Economics:
American Government in Christian Perspective
Economics Work and Prosperity
For World History I:  Text TBA
For English:
Choose 1:   IEW Excellence in Literature:  World Literature  OR Introduction to Literature (Text TBA)
The Odyssey by Homer
Antigone by Sophocles
The Aeneid by Virgil
Inferno by Dante Alighieri
Les Misérables by Victor Hugo
The Portable Nineteenth-Century Russian Reader
Faust by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Out of Africa by Isak Dinesen
***Specific editions of the above are required.  Please check with Mrs. Zieg BEFORE purchasing.***



For our Elective Period: Students can choose Ancients Art or Logic.  Our Logic course will use the following books, and will be provided for the student by Catholic Schoolhouse.



Our Class Picture 2017-2018

Our 2018-2019 Teachers:

Mrs. Denise Woltering,  Government/Economics—  Mrs. Woltering attended Christendom College and majored in History and French.  She then went to St. Louis University where she received her Master’s in Modern European History.  Mrs. Woltering taught at Holy Family Academy for ten years, five of which she was Academic Dean.  She has taught high school history, French, and directed several plays.  She was on the Board of Directors at Lyceum Catholic Community in Cincinnati, Ohio for three years and taught Ancient History.  Mrs. Woltering is very excited to teach Government and Economics to our students.

Mrs. Kelly Zieg, English—  Mrs. Zieg, the mother of nine boys, has homeschooled for ten years.  Prior to homeschooling her own children she worked as an Instructional Systems Designer developing training programs for the government.  She holds a BA degree from Marymount Manhattan College and an MS in Instructional Systems Design from John Hopkins University.  For the past seven years, she has taught various IEW courses:  Level A, A-Continuation, B, Fun and Fascinating, Bible Heroes, The Elegant Essay, and Ancient, Medieval, and History themed courses.  She has taught IEW to small groups, in co-op settings, and online.  She believes anyone can write if you meet the student where they are and guide them within IEW’s framework and style.

Mrs. Kathryn Reinboldt, Art—  Mrs. Reinboldt studied Art at Washington University at St. Louis School of Fine Arts.  She spent a summer semester in Florence Italy studying printmaking.  Her student exhibit in the Corcoran Gallery of Art won the Scholastic Golden Key Award.   Mrs. Reinboldt teaches Religious Education, is the Parent Coordinator for the Illuminations History Class in Manassas, and has been the CS Art Tutor for three years.  She has been instrumental in implementing our Middle School Art Program at CS these past several years, and is looking forward to inspiring our High School students as well.

Miss Alexandra Clark, Traditional Logic—  Miss Clark was homeschooled through High school, and then attended Ave Maria University where she obtained a Bachelors degree in Catholic Theology and a minor in Catechetics.  She spent a semester abroad in Rome studying Art, Architecture, Humanities, Theology, Poetry and Literature.  While in Rome she taught English to Roman children at an Italian Montessori School.  At Ave Maria she was a Catechist for 4th, 5th, High school and RCIA classes.  After graduation in 2014, she became Foundation Manger at MRC exposing media bias and promoting the truth.  She has volunteered in Church choirs since age ten and is currently an assistant choir director at Holy Trinity Catholic Church where they specialize in  Gregorian Chant.  Currently, she is the Office Manager for Public Advocate of the U.S.,  an organization fighting to promote traditional family values.  She is very excited to teach logic this year as she believes the most important thing to teach students is to be able to think, come to know the truth, and thereafter to know how to defend the truth.

High School Yearly Rotation for Future Planning:  (Each year has two dual tracks)

 (2018-2019)—World History I OR Government/Economics,                                                                                                                                                                                                Introduction to Literature OR World Literature,                                                                                                                                                                                      Ancients Art OR Logic

 (2019-2020)—World History II
                        Introduction to Literature OR British Literature (including Shakespeare)
                        Renaissance and Modern Art OR Economics
 (2020-2021)—American History
                        Introduction to Literature OR American Literature
                        American Art OR Government
 (2021-2022)-Repeat cycle, choosing alternative course not taken in dual track
                         World History I
                          Introduction to Literature OR World Literature
                         Ancients Art OR Logic
 **Socratic Discussion and Speech are offered every year***
**Because of the dual track system, this is a 4 year program for high schoolers.  If more explanation is necessary, please contact a director, and we’d be happy to walk through the process for 9th-12th grade.

We look forward to providing outstanding Catholic classes and fellowship for our high schoolers!  Thank you for sharing your students with us.

In Christ through Mary,

Mrs. Woltering, Mrs. Zieg, Mrs. Reinboldt, and Miss Clark