Warrenton, VA Chapter – Catholic Schoolhouse

Mrs. Dianic’s Preschool Page

Welcome to Mrs. Dianic’s Preschool Page!  We look forward to a great year with our little ones.  Here is the preschoolers’ daily schedule for 2018-2019.  We hope to update with pictures of our play and work later in the year.  Be sure to scroll down to the bottom for pictures of our outstanding singers in our Preschool Concert!

Pre-K welcome

12:45-1:00  Assembly/Chorus

1:00-1:30  Circle Time (including Prayer, Opening Song, Calendar, Weather, Story, Letter of the Week, Saint)

1:30-1:50   Art/Craft in Art Room

1:50-2:15  Recess

2:15-3:00  Snack/Free Play/Story

3:00-3:25  Circle Time and Music

3:25-3:55  Centers (a 3-station, small group rotation)

3:55-4:00  Clean-up

4:00  Closing Assembly, Meet in Pews


Our  Preschool Concert:

“Six Little Ducks”, “Deep and Wide”, “Behold”, and “Skinamarink”