Warrenton, VA Chapter – Catholic Schoolhouse

2017/2018 Showcase

2017-2018 Showcase

For our Showcase this year, each class picked something from our studies to perform for our Catholic Schoolhouse families. Some classes chose to perform songs or poems, and others did short skits or a short play.  Our Showcase also features the children’s art work from the year, for all parents, grandparents, and guests to see.  Enjoy these pictures from our show!

Preschool Performance

K-1st Performance: Psalm 23

2nd-3rd Performance: 1492 Poem

4th/5th Performance:  The 7 Corporal Works of Mercy Skit


St. Juan Diego and the Beautiful Lady Play


Art Show Displays


Last year, our Catholic Schoolhouse Warrenton Chapter performed “The Reluctant Dragon,” from Kenneth Grahame, adapted by Kathryn Schultz Miller.  It was directed by the fabulous Sydney Davis, and co-directed by our own Mrs. Dianic.  Many children in our cast had never performed in a play before, and had little acting experience.  We were astounded by their stellar performance, and can’t wait to see next year’s play!  Fantastic job, directors, students, and parents!  Enjoy these pictures from our performance…….

drama, poster


drama, townspeople 2


drama old folks       drama wise ones

drama widget

drama town crier  drama king

drama gurus      drama group scene

drama dragon  drama st. george

drama scumworth

drama sydney 2

drama sydney

*Congratulations, Cast and Crew of “The Reluctant Dragon”!