Warrenton, VA Chapter – Catholic Schoolhouse

Tuition and Fees

Registration ~ $75.00 per family.  Please email Carrie (carrieschiano@gmail.com)  for our registration form and instructions for registering with our chapter.

Supply Fees~

Nursery Fee : $75.00 per child.

          Preschool and Elementary Supply Fee : $75.00 per child. Payable to your local director. Used for art, science,  snack, and classroom supplies.  Everything will be provided saving you the time filling a school supply list.

          Middle School and High School Supply Fee: $150, needed for the additional supplies required in our upper level program.

Tuition ~ $250.00 per child.  Payable to your local director. Goes entirely to your facility and your child’s tutors!  We do offer a drop-off program for a limited amount of families for higher tuition.  Contact us for more information.

***Registered families will be asked to choose a volunteer position.  All of our volunteer positions receive payment towards tuition cost.  Please see a director to learn more about what positions are available, and the stipends they earn.  Lead teachers receive the most pay.***

Please contact us with any questions.

Tuition and Fee Payment Schedule for 2018-2019

Registration:  $75  to hold your place for the fall, registration opens March 7th  (email Carrie above for registration form and details)

Supply Fee(s):  Due June 1st, $75 per Preschool and Elementary child, $150 per Middle School and High School student

CS Home Materials Group Order Fees:  Due Tuesday, April 17th.   Each family is responsible for purchasing a Year 2 Tour Guide and History Cards.  Other resources to purchase are the optional Music Memory Work CDs.   There is a 12% discount plus free shipping when you order all three in our group order, bringing the cost for all three to $95.  If you need to order individually, the cost is not discounted, and shipping will be shared among others in the group order.  To calculate your costs, the Tour Guide $28, History Cards $35, and CDs $40.

Tuition:  You will receive an invoice in late July, reflecting tutor and supply credits.   You may pay by check or Paypal.  Families can pay in full by August 1st,   OR  in 4 equal payments.  The four equal payments will be due on:

  August 1st,   September 4th,   October 2nd, and Nov. 6th. *

*Checks should be made out to Carrie Schiano.